Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Steltman Bracelet Watch

Today's watch is one of my ladies watches that fits my wrist, and I liked this one as I think it looks like a wristband from a sci-fi movie.

The watch is by a company called Steltman, who's logo is the Steltman name with a large S across the middle. The Steltman name is mainly linked with a Dutch watch company that works with high end watches, but I don't think this brand is linked with them. The Steltman watches are like many other design brands in that they only seem to appear on sales sites.

This watch is a 3 hand dial design built into a solid metal bracelet. The dial is quite wide and tapers into the shiny metal bracelet, and there are jewel markers at the main  hour marks. The bracelet is hinged and fastens with crocodile clip style fastener on the bottom side. Inside is a Seiko Epson AL55A module, but no other information about the makers.

For the date, I haven't found anything definitive, but the one other I've seen of this model was sold as new in the last couple of years.

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