Friday, 18 July 2014

Lovers House - Merry's Arms

I'm wearing another of the fun watches from the Super Lovers range, and this one has the style of some early Disney watches.

The watch is part of a range called Lovers House which is quoted as being distributed by Super Lovers. The Super Lovers this refers to is the Harajuku Super Lovers clothing brand from Tokyo.

For the Lovers House watches, there are two panda mascots (Ken and Merry) which often appear in the design. Today's watch features only Merry in the centre of the dial with the numbers around the dial in red circles. The hours and minutes hands fit in the design and are Merry's arms which rotate. She is also wearing white gloves like Mickey Mouse does in the old mechanical Disney watches. There is also a red seconds hand making this a 3 hand dial design. There are no other makers marks on the watch, but inside is a Miyota movement (which is one of a range of different manufacturers that the Super Lovers watches have used). The watches started in the 90s, but I don't know when this particular model was out.

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