Saturday, 26 July 2014

Planet Design Rotating Disc White Leather

Today, I'm back to one of my unknown Japanese brands which I'm building up a little collection of.
The watch is by Planet Design, and I still haven't found out who they are made by, or really what era they are from (but you can still find some around now). All I know is that you can still buy some models, they have been found on Tokyoflash, and there is a Japanese company called Emit (or as the translation shows aka Emmett) that sells quite a few designs.
This watch is a rotating disc model, with a 2 disc design. The minutes dial is on the inside and the window on the right side, so the minutes are read first and then the hours. It has a rectangular silver face with the rectangular time window in, and the Planet Design name at the bottom. Along the top and bottom and on the segmented matching strap is a white leather (style?) material. The ds it makes it look very like the Rotalog by Nixon, but I don't know which came first. This exact model with the white leather doesn't seem to be available but is most like the model SA-108 which has a wood finish and costs ¥3,675.

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