Saturday, 5 July 2014

Independent Truck Company - Built To Grind

As many regular readers will know, I collect the Independent range of watches. Today's watch is also an Independent, but nothing to do with my normal collection.

This watch is an Independent as in the Independent Truck Company, who manufacturer skateboard trucks (the axle, it's hanger, and the baseplate which attaches it to the board). The company was established in 1978 and is based in California. They are well known in the skateboarding world and sponsor many riders, including Tony Hawk. It is recognised by their Alisee cross logo, and this logo is on the watch face behind the Independent name.

The watch also has the statement 'Built to Grind' on the face. There was a book published in 2004 also called Built to Grind which was based on the Independent Truck Company archives of skateboard material, so my guess would be that this watch may be a similar age.

The watch itself is a pretty plain 3 hand dial design, in silver colour, with a rotating bezel. Inside is a Japanese Morioka Tokei (Seiko?) module which takes the standard AG4 battery.

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  1. Hi, by chance, would you happen to know who manufactures the watch mechanism for the Independent watches? Thanks!