Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Town & Country VA03

Today's watch is from a brand I've ended up with a few watches from, but this is the first I've blogged.
The watch is by a brand called Town & Country, or to give the full name that appears on the dial Town & County Surf Designs.
The brand is a world recognised manufacturer of surfboards, and originated in Hawaii in 1971. It was started by Craig Sugihara and was famous in the 80s for their shirt designs featuring cartoon characters such as Thrilla Gorilla.
The Town & Country watches appear on Japanese auctions quite a lot, and judging by the sticker on the back on this one, may have been made by Orient (in 1998). This model is a 3 hand dial design with an extra button for a light. It is a heavy water resistant model (20 bar) with a screw back. The design has a stylized logo on the face with the Town & Country name. There is also a rotating bezel, with the yin and yang symbol used by Town & Country at the 0 position, which can also be found engraved on the back. The watch has a fabric strap, so is suitable for use in the water.
There is a model number on the back of VA03-HO, and inside there is a complicated looking module with a number ELD-005-1(rev 1) for the light sitting over the quartz module for the watch.

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