Thursday, 17 July 2014

Elite dot matrix LCD

Today's watch is another of the many mysterious fashion watches I have that have no well known maker (as far as I can tell).

This watch is by/called Elite, and it was the look more than anything that drew me to it. There are no other makers marks on the watch apart from the elite name engraved below the LCD.

The watch has a dot matrix style LCD which shows 4 characters, each with a 5x5 array. The dot matrix isn't used for much apart from showing digits, as there are no modes which use other characters. Actually, it doesn't have many modes at all, with only time, date, and seconds displays.

The design is quite interesting, with a case that has gaps above and below the LCD which shows the strap through. The actual part of the case with the movement in is just the central rectangular part which the screen sits in. The strap is a nice chunky thick brown leather one, but with no markings on either.

No idea on the date, but I think it is modern - late 00s, or maybe 10s.

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