Sunday, 27 July 2014

Module Flashing Rainbow 'Co-Axial Escapement'

Today's watch is a little strange in its description. It has a name which is associated with a mechanical watch, but it's an entirely electronic model.

The watch is another by the watch brand Module which is a Japanese design watch brand made (or distributed) by a company called Poll Position Ltd Co. The Module watches have many different designs, but often have a logo of the Module name, but with a hexagon for the O.

The Poll Position Ltd. Co. is another of these Japanese mystery brands who may be an equipment manufacturer, or may just be anonymous online.

This watch has a rounded square case and a 2 hand dial design. In the centre of the face is an LCD panel which is just used to show patterns of vertical lines in grey, red, blue, and black. There is a button above the crown which I think is for changing the pattern, but it is so subtle, I can't be definite it works that way. Inside, the watch dial is powered by a normal looking movement, but that is hidden under the electronics for the LCD. The battery for the dial is meant to be aligned so that the battery sits under a hole revealed by the LCD battery, but I needed to reverse some of the electronics to make it work right.

The weird part of the description is that on the dial is the text 'Co-Axial Escapement'. This is a method of regulating a mechanical watch, so it is strange to see it mentioned on a quartz module.

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