Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Swatch Originals Olympic Portraits GB178

It seems like a lot of my Swatch watches are 90s models, and today's is another from that decade.

This model is a special for the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. It is one of the Swatch Originals models, and unsurprisingly it's from the range called Olympic Special.

This design is called Olympic Portraits, and has the model number GB178. It is a 3 hand design model with the portrait of a runner on the face. The strap continues the portraits with another 11 photos of athletes from all manner of sports printed along the length. On the back of the strap, there is also a printed signature, but I don't know who's signature it is.

It was designed in 1995, but released in the Spring Summer collection of 1996. The design for this one was done by Annie Leibovitz. 


  1. Signature is from...Annie Leibovitz :-)

  2. I'm looking for one of these watches. Any idea where I can find one? I worked at the '96 Olympics and this was my big purchase. I've lost in a move or something. I'd love to have another one.