Saturday, 12 July 2014

Storm Flip Lid

I'm going out to a bbq party today, so my chosen watch's special feature may come in handy.

This watch is the Flip Lid by the London based brand Storm. The Storm brand started in 1989 and has produced many different designs, with many following a distinctive metal style for the cases and straps.

This particular model is hard to research. When you search for Storm Flip Lid, you get all manner of bad weather equipment that is storm proof and has a flip lid, but no sign of this watch.

The watch is a 3 hand dial design with a plain coloured face and a round metal case. The watch face is almost a bow tie shape with cuts out of the top and bottom. This face shape is required because of the special feature. If you lift the tab at the top of bottom of the face, a section comes off - so you can Flip the Lid off. This metal piece is actually a bottle opener so you can also Flip the Lid off your drink too.

I'm not sure when this model came out, but from the design, it fits in with the 90s models.

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