Sunday, 13 July 2014

Citizen Trans Continents 6117

Today's watch is one with a travel theme, which is the closest I could find for something to link to the World Cup final.

This watch is from the Citizen Trans Continents range, but has a different look than the others I've found. The Citizen Trans Continents watches are a collaboration between the Citizen watch company and the Japanese watch brand Trans Continents. From what I've found, the collaboration started in the 90s, and may still be going on today.

This model is probably from 2002 and is based on the 6117 quartz module. Unusually, it has a 4 hand dial design, with the fourth hand being a 24 hr hand on the main spindle. There is also a date window at the 3 o'clock position. Around the edge is a black rotating bezel, and this has 23 city names on, each representing a time zone. Rotating the bezel so your time zone is at the 24 hour hand can then be used to calculate the time in any of the other zones. The watch is 5 bar water resistant and was cased in China.

The full model number is 6117-S001978. The 6117 module has also been used in a few other Citizen World Timer watches.

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