Friday, 4 July 2014

EleeNo ART007 Rings

Today, I decided that the watches I'd been using recently have been too simple for telling the time, so I went for a bit more of a challenge.

The watch I chose is from the EleeNo range of watches that are known for turning telling time into an art form. The brand was founded in the 2000s by a long term Tokyoflash collaborator Yasushi Kimura, and is one of the SeaHope /Tokyoflash family. One of the principles of the EleeNo designs is 'handless time' where even the analogue watches don't use traditional hands for pointing out the time.

This model is one of the analogue watches with an unusual design and is called Rings. It has a round face under domed glass in a rectangular silver case with a thick black rubber strap. In the centre of the face is a silver circle with the EleeNo logo in the middle. Around this silver circle are two rings which are not concentric with the circle or face. They are positioned such that it looks like the ring touches either the middle circle and is spinning around it like a hula hoop, or is going round the inside of the edge of the face. At the points of touching, there is a gap in each circle, and this is where you read the time, hours around the outside and minutes in the middle.

The watch has a model number of ART007 (or ART 007), and the first mentions of this model online are from 2008, making it one of the early designs from the brand.

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