Thursday, 3 July 2014

Citizen Alarm Chrono P110

It's been a while since I last posted a vintage Citizen LCD, so here is one today.

This model is a Citizen Alarm Chrono which is based around the P110 module. The design of the watch is relatively standard for an 80s LCD watch with an 8 sided silver case and black face. The unusual part is the LCD which is upside down compared to the usual 2 line LCD display. Both lines use the same size digits, but this time it is the top line which has the time with the date and day along the bottom. This layout almost makes the date look more prominent at a glance.

The mode button cycles through the alarm, stopwatch, and timer modes, which are accompanied by a mode symbol inbetween the two lines of digits. When the mode changes, only the bottom line is affected, with the top line continuing to show the time. The watch also has a small bulb based light in the left side of the display.

The face has a lot of text around the LCD panel giving the maker, model name, and button functions, along showing this is 50m water resistant. There is also a small number in the bottom 311547 YN which I haven't deciphered yet.

This model is a P110-311451 and may have come out in 1983, however this particular watch was made in mid 1984. As well as the model and serial numbers, this has an additional number, DQ-6035, on the back, and I'm afraid I don't know what this is either. Although it is an old watch, it seems to have been very forward thinking, as you enter the year in the date setting, and 2014 was an option - it's nice to know Citizen thought the watch would last for over 30 years!


  1. Hi. I have 2 citizen watches that look exactly the same as the watch featured but both mine have 100m water resistant. My watches are still giving great service. Vern in Australia

  2. I have that watch, too. It still works and the date setting goes until 2035, so i hope my watch will reach this date. Greetings from Germany.

  3. Thank you for the post about this model. Just acquired for very cheap one that is also a P110, the P110-313275Y, but no icons for the functions, just AL1, AL2, STP, TMR, DUT. Probably manufactured in 1991, with a heavy-ish plastic casing.

    As for the years of the calendar, 1989 or 1995 have the same combinations of days/date as 2017, not really a problem for old watches, see: (

  4. Hi, I have that watch too, still running. The small number below "RESIST" is 6-311539, and it says GN-4-S on the back side. Greetings from Germany!