Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Deadman Slave LSD 4343

I'm blogging another mystery Deadman watch again today.

I've still not found much more about the Deadman (or Dead man) watches since last time. All I know is that they are fashion watches from Japan in the late  90s, and they had two sets of model numbers (GV or LSD).

This model is from the LSD range and is called the Deadman Slave. It is an unusual shaped model with a mixture of lines and curves. The face is a yellow rounded trapezium shape with a 3 hand dial. This is mounted on a round flat surface which tilts down towards the bottom, and has a deep set date window at the bottom (and a round glass with a flat top). The case is more of a rounded triangle, wider at the top. It's actually quite difficult to describe, so you're better off looking at the photos. The model number is on the back and is LSD4343 (or LSD 4343).

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