Sunday, 20 July 2014

Crazy Planet Gumwatch Aqua

It's really hot here today so I thought I'd wear something silly and summery.

This watch was bought by me when I was living in Scotland (in the early 00s). I was queueing to buy my lunch one day and this was by the counter and caught my eye so I decided I must have it (and it cost me £5).

The watch is made for Crazy Planet who are based in Barcelona, Spain. The Crazy Planet brand was started by the Spanish Chupa Chups S.A. company in the late 90s, famous for their lollipops, to market non-lolipop products.

This product is the Gumwatch Aqua, or as I refer to it, my sweet dispensing water pistol watch. The Gumwatch Aqua has a basic 3 1/2 digit LCD display, and like most novelty watches, has just time, date, and seconds displays. The case is huge, because the majority of the watch is taken up by its special features. On the right side is a button called open, which causes the watch face to flip up, revealing the space for the gum sweets underneath. On the left side is a flip up targeting sight, and the trigger for the built-in water pistol. The nozzle for the spray is at the top/front of the watch so it is easy to squirt people in front of you, and you can get 5-6 squirts from a full tank. The filling hole is on the bottom of the watch, but the water pistol can be detached so you can fill it without getting the sweets wet (or to use it as a separate mini water pistol). This is definitely meant to be a kids watch, but the case is so big, it dwarfs my wrist, and maybe is the largest watch I own!


  1. I bought one of these yeeaaars back in the early 2000's in a candy store in holland. I was such a fan of the spy gear and all the tricks that this was a real treat for me. It must have started leaking for me to chuck it out but this toy was always a fond memory.

  2. memories. Hello kids from 90s