Sunday, 7 September 2014

Alba Y446 vintage LCD

Today I decided to blog a watch which fitted with a T-shirt I'd found for sale that was a perfect fit for me - the motif is a vintage LCD with the word Junkie across the face. As I think I have a watch addiction, then I don't know anyone it would fit better.

The watch I chose was a vintage LCD watch by the Seiko brand Alba. The model is a Y446 and is a gold (colour) cased LCD watch with the traditional look. It is an original 70s watch with the Y446 (and this particular watch) appearing in 1979.

It has a 6 digit LCD, which unfortunately has started to fail, but you can still see the numbers from the right angle. The LCD also has a day indicator along the top which doubles as a mode indicator too. The Y446 module is an alarm chronograph model, and just had alarm and chronograph functions on top of the time and date.

The full model number is Y446-4040, which seems to be a less common variation (as there are many more -4020 and -5000 models online).

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