Monday, 22 September 2014

Cardini Quartz watch

Today's post might be a shorter one than normal. I chose the watch to be part of my collection because of its bright colours, but it's another mystery model.

The watch is by Cardini, and there seem to be quite a few for sale but very little information online. I found one link about this brand (rather than Carlo Cardini or Luis Cardini who were also watch brands), stating that the Cardini designers mention that “Time is the eternal component of the universe, why we shouldn’t have such decent accessory that will reflect this great and mysterious secret?". Unfortunately, when you go to the "official" website for the brand, it now seems to be a blog site for a single nurse called Emi, so I'd guess that the brand is no more.

There is no other information on the watch apart from it has a Japanese quartz movement.

The watch itself is a simple 3 hand dial design with a shiny green face and red and green hour and minute markers in geometric shapes. The strap is very busy with a colourful woven fabric cover on a black leather strap. The fabric has all manner of geometric patterns too, but there is a black leather strap over the holes for a bit of protection.

From the colour scheme and design, it looks very 80s to me, so that is my guess at its age (but it is purely a guess).

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