Monday, 8 September 2014

Neff Flava Cyan

Yesterday I blogged a vintage LCD, and today, it's a modern version.

This watch is by the Neff brand (properly named as Neff Headwear) and is called the Flava. Neff Headwear was started by Shaun and Joe Neff in 2002. They started as a snow and skate headwear, but expanded later into sunglasses and watches with the Neff Vision and Neff Time collections. They are supported by many sports athletes, and have collaborations with stars like Snoop Dogs, Deadmau5, and Scarlett Johansson. They also have a charity side with a yearly initiative called Neff Hope.

The Flava watch is a modern take on the traditional 80s design of LCD watch. It is an alarm chronograph model and has an el-backlight. The LCD is over two lines with day and date at the top and time (6 digits) along the bottom. The back has the Flava name, a smiley round boys face logo, a sign telling you to not throw it in the bin, and the water resistance (5atm).

This version is the Cyan colour and there are over 20 different colour variations available. The rrp is $20 and the design is still for sale (although the cyan version doesn't appear on the Neff site anymore).


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