Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Casio AQ-305 round ana-digi

I have quite a liking for the ana-digi style of watches, and today is another.

This watch is the AQ-305 by Casio, and is an ana-digi model with a round case. It seems to be quite a rare model as there are very few hits and photos online, so there isn't much info about.

The watch has a 3 hand dial and a curved LCD with 6 small digits at the bottom of the face. There are 2 buttons for the digital display, and the crown controls the analogue part. Inside is a 388 module which has been seen before on this blog in the RKA-508 Adventure Club Rookie. It gives the digital display time, date, alarm, dual time, and stopwatch options. As the analogue dial is not linked to the LCD, it actually means this is a triple time watch I'd you really wanted to.

On the dial of the watch is another model number of 701A2-093 which I think might be the specific model variation. There is no date information on the watch, but I think this is a 90s model.

The case is light, so I think it is base metal with a stainless steel back. It has a metal Casio strap with a part number of S-087N.