Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Casio F-28W - a K.I.S.S watch

Today I'm wearing one of the simplest and long lasting Casio LCD watches.

The watch is the F-28W and is an LCD watch with the typical Casio look. The design came out originally in the 1980s (based on the length of time some owners say they have had one), and is still available today (for around $14). The only reported change in the design is that the watch has switched from being made in Japan to made in China, which looks to have happened in the late 90s or early 00s. My one is made in China so is a more modern version. The module inside seems to have changes as well with this model using an 1156 module while the one currently for sale has switched this to a 586 module.

It is an incredibly simple watch with no special functions. It is a little more complex than the F30 I've blogged before, but still, all of the watches available information is one the screen and you don't need to press a button to see anything (and there is no mode button). Even Casio touts the simplicity of the watch. On the Casio website for this model, it refers to it being a watch to the K.I.S.S. principle, saying sometimes simple is better.

Both of the buttons on the watch are inset and just set the watch or switch between 12 and 24 hr display. It has a 2 line LCD display with everything you need to know. The smaller top line has the day and date, while the main line has the time (with an narrow first digit and smaller seconds).

The both the case and strap are black plastic, and the strap has a part number of 151 DL1 1B.

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