Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Timex Triathlon - Small

Today's watch was smaller when I'd put it on my wrist than I'd anticipated, but it just about fits with my small wrists.

The watch is one of the Timex watches from the Triathlon line of watches. Timex watches are made by the Dutch holding company Timex Group which has several watch making subsidiaries within the company. They released the Triathlon range originally in 1984, with the possibly more well known Ironman Triathlon being started 2 years later.

I'd guess that this watch was a 90s or early 00s design from the style, but as they don't have a good model number system, it has to be a guess (although there is the number 465-A on the back). It could well be earlier though as this is a standard design for the Triathlon range.

It has an LCD display with two lines of six equally sized digits. By default, the top line is for day and date with the bottom line showing time. The top line is set up so it can display text though, and describes the mode that is about to be selected. Modes included are chronograph, timer, and alarm, and it has an 8 lap memory.

The layout looks like a hand held stopwatch with buttons poking out of the side of the case at an angle. The stopwatch buttons are on the front of the watch for easy access while doing sports. The buttons are so small though, that I feel this must be a kids version as you need very small fingers to use it effectively. As this is a Triathlon model, it is of course water resistant (to 50m).

On the back is a US patent number D.287.341 which covers this particular design of watch and was filed in 1984 by Gary Grimes of the Timex Corporation.

The original sale price of this model was ¥9,800.

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