Sunday, 14 September 2014

Casio Hotbiz DB-2000

Yesterday, I wore a Casio watch from 1995, and today is another - but with a completely different style.

Today's watch is the DB-2000 Hotbiz Menory Protect 200. The watch is one of the high tech Casio Data Bank models, but unlike earlier models, this had ditched the touchscreen, and ended up with an unusual input method. The watch is controlled by a small directional thumb pad style input with an enter key. To select a mode, you press enter and use the direction pad to choose the option, followed by enter to select it.

There are 8 options on the watch, and 4 of these are different categories for the data bank (business, private, personal and play), with the private one having a password for access. The other 4 options are the watch display modes and are time, alarm (x5), timer, and stopwatch.

Inside is a 1495 module, but there are some with a 1498 module instead (which seem to be more common). It is a high tech module which includes a sensor to tell whether the back is open. This opening sensor requires 2 small springs but if either of them are missing the watch won't work (but you can join the connections with a staple as I found out to get this one working). Power is provided from a CR2016 battery.

The LCD is square with 3 lines of info and 2 lines of modes below. The 3 LCD lines are a dot matrix along the top (for day and year), a 6 digit time display on the bottom, and a smaller 7 digit line in the middle (normally showing the date).

The Hotbiz line was a collection of business watches, but there isn't any information about what the definition of the line was. I'd guess that it was Casio's line for fashionable (hot) business (biz) watches, but that is just my thinking. The Hotbiz name is shown on the face, the back, and on the stainless steel strap (with the part number S-589L).

The Memory Protect name is part of the data bank functions and means that the data bank is protected in a way such that the information is kept even if the battery runs flat.


  1. Beautiful watch! Any info when was it discontinued? Where one can be found and at what price?