Friday, 5 September 2014

J-Axis iXa Multipledisc Indication

After the initial peak in the 70s, it seems that the rotating disc style of watch was a popular design through the quartz era too. I've blogged many different makes of watches with the design, and today it's the turn of J-Axis.

The J-Axis brand was started by Sun Flame Co in 1987. They produce a wide range of different watch designs for men, women, and children within the J-Axis line and generally produce low price models. The watches are split into 6 series, but so far I've been unable to work out what differentiates the different groups.

This model is called the Multipledisc Indication Quartz and is part of a group of J-Axis watches marked with iXa. As the name suggests, it uses multiple discs to indicate the time which are powered by a quartz module. This version of the rotating disc has the time on the left side of the centre with the hours on the left and seconds closest to the centre.

The face is rectangular with tapered steps going down to the silver metal strap. The watch is pretty light and so I think it is base metal and plastic with only the back in stainless steel.

The back has the usual J-Axis information - that it is water resistant, has a Japanese movement, and is assembled in China. The back also has the usual description "Modern Timepieces" which J-Axis use for the brand.

The date for the watch is unknown, but this rotating disc watch design seemed to have a popularity spike in the late 90s and early 00s (when the 1481010s and Deadman models were released), so I'm thinking this could be a similar period watch.

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