Monday, 1 September 2014

Macy's Red LED watch

The LED watch had its heyday in the mid 1970s and so the traditional LED design I think will be forever linked with that era. It was a fleeting technology which gave the original digital display from the time when the electronics became advanced, small, and cheap enough, through to the start of the LCD in the late 70s.

This watch is an original 1970s design with a gold coloured case and red LED display. The display has the traditional LED style with thin lines making up each of the 4 digits, which are made up of many tiny dots of light. This module is a more advanced one than many I've seen as a second press of the button gives the day and date, meaning the LED digit needs to cover the lines for letters as well.
As the LED was a popular fashionable item, many brands and store chains had their own custom versions made, and this is one of those. The back of the watch shows this was made for/by the Macy's brand. Macy's is an American department store chain with over 850 stores across the US (and its territories) and is known for its wide range of products. The company began in New York City in the 1850s and is now one of the most well known American department stores.

The time is shown by pressing the main button at around the 2 o'clock position (or where the 2 would be if this was a dial watch), and a second press gives day and date. There is a seconds button a little below for the time setting which needs something pointy to press.

There isn't much more information on the watch itself. The back states it was made in Hong Kong, is a digital quartz watch, and is both shock and water resistant. Inside, it says the module was made Tele Art Ltd of Hong Kong and has (unsurprisingly) no jewels. Battery wise it takes 2 x LR44 batteries. 

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