Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Franc rounded square watch

Earlier this year, I blogged a watch by a brand called Franc, and here is another I've found.

The Franc brand is another of my mystery brands which seem to be quite anonymous online. The logo is the Franc name with a circle in the F, and very rounded text.

The design of this watch is quite familiar too, as it is the same type of watch as the Rubicon watch called John (which was one of the first watches on the blog in Jan 2012). It has a brown rectangular case with a transparent bezel and rounded corners. The display is a two line LCD with fancy digits (each has 17 segments). The top line has 6/7 digits and is for the day and date, and the bottom line is the time (6 digits with smaller seconds). It has a couple of modes in the module, which are alarm and stopwatch, and there is also an el-backlight.

I'm not sure when the watches are from, but as this is the same as the Rubicon model which is a modern watch, I'd guess this is the same age (early 2010s).

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