Monday, 15 September 2014

Run New York gold studded watch

After the relatively sensible Casio watches of the last couple of days, I decided to wear something a little more outrageous looking.

This watch is by Run New York, or R.N.Y and is very noticeable in its gold and black design. It has a thick black leather strap which is covered in square gold metal studs (1cm square) around almost the whole length. The only bits without studs are either side of the gold metal case. The case is rectangular with a slight rise in the middle and has a rectangular face in the middle. It has a 3 hand dial with a quartz movement, and the hands are gold on a black face. The case is fastened onto the leather strap with screws through the leather squashing the strap between the case and the back plate. Instead of a buckle, this design uses presstuds for the fastener and so only has 2 sizes.

The Run New York brand is another mystery one. I've unsuccessfully tried to find something about them online and have only found reference to 2 Japanese auctions I'm any of my searches. They seem to have a kangaroo as a logo, even though you don't see many of them in New York. There is also an R.N.Y logo on the face with a large R and the other letters getting smaller making a slope which the kangaroo is jumping from.

As well as the name and kangaroo on the back plate, the watch also has a model number of RES-522. The price label which was on the back showed that this wasn't a super cheap watch as it cost around ¥9500 originally. As I haven't found any reference to the watch or brand, I can't pinpoint the date, but my guess would be late 90s or early 2000s (as that's when most of the mystery brands seem to be from).

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