Sunday, 28 September 2014

Phasar Ana-Digi 5070

Today, I'm blogging a watch which unfortunately I've not got working, but as I'm a fan of ana-digi watches, I thought I'd cover this one too.

The watch is branded Phasar, and from what I've seen online, this is a brand which was distributed by the American Sears department store chain. Sears, Roebuck & Company was founded in 1893 as a mail order catalogue which branched out into department stores in 1925. Many Phasar watches can be found at online auctions, and their styles suggest the line was active from at least the mid 70s onwards.

This model has a model number of 5070 and is an ana-digi design with the LCD at the top and a dial underneath. It is an alarm chronograph with those modes showing on the LCD display. As the module has ceased to work, I can't confirm whether there are any other modes (such as timer).

The analogue part is a 3 hand dial and states the watch is water resistant with a quartz movement.

Inside is one single module to control both the analogue and digital parts, but there is no makers name on the module (at least not on the surface).

For this watch, the design is very 80s and so I think it is that old. The only other date hint is someone has written a date inside (1996) which is when I assume they last changed the battery.


  1. Nice watch. Pulsar is good factory :)

  2. Hi, just bought the same watch from a guy in Germany, but SANYO branded. Maybe they manufactured the module?