Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Firetrap Kate Moross Limited Edition White

Today I'm wearing a limited edition watch which would have fitted well with the recent street art festival.

The watch is by Firetrap who are a British company specialising in premium menswear and accessories. They started under the WDT (World Design & Trade) group, but are now part of the Sports Direct group (along with Lonsdale and Karrimor).

This particular model is a limited edition release, exclusively designed by Kate Moross. Kate Moross is a designer, illustrator, and art director based in London. She is known for her typography illustrations, and has designed ad campaigns and clothing lines, as well as directing music videos.

The Moross Firetrap watch was released in October 2010 (according to an album of photos from the launch party). The watches came in three colours, black, pink, and the white design I'm wearing. The face features a geometric design in different grey shades and colourful hands. It is a 3 hand dial watch with a quartz movement in a heavyweight metal case and strap. The hands are bright pink (hours), bright green (minutes), and yellow (seconds). The back plate shows the Moross logo (3 concentric triangles) and the usual info on water resistance (5atm) and material of construction (stainless steel).

It was released as a limited edition, but there is some disagreement online as to how many were made. I've seen both 150 and 500 quoted, but haven't got a definitive answer. The model number is FT1009KMW, and the original rrp was around £35.

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