Saturday, 20 September 2014

o.d.m Mr Metallic MDD99B with Chat Box

Today, it's another watch from the odm brand, and this time it's a programmable model.

ODM (or o.d.m) are a Hong Kong based brand who produce Original, Dynamic, and Minimal watches. The brand was started in 1999 and has since won many international design awards.

One of displays that they have used in a few watches was a dot matrix LCD display (approx 7x30) with scrolling time (such as the Mysterious V I blogged last year) and has a message as well.

Today's watch is called the Mr Metallic and has the same dot matrix LCD with message, but with this model the message is programmable. It has a shiny metallic head with the LCD in the middle, and a custom black plastic strap. The time scrolls across the LCD (in inverse) with the message inbetween, and flicking your wrist brings up the time as a normal display. There is a button on the right which activates the el-backlight too.

The watch came out in the late 2000s (around 2008) for about $150, and this variant has a model number of MDD99B-4.

The programmable nature is given away by two small contacts on the back of the watch. To change the message, you were given the option of going to an o.d.m dealer or purchasing their handheld message input device called the Chat Box. This box has an LCD display like the watch along with a keyboard and is the size of a large calculator. Here you can input a message in European (English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish) or Japanese along with symbols. To connect to the watch is a cable with a clip and two prongs which connects to the contacts on the watch. The box also seems to have a sound option, but mine hasn't used the speaker so far. It is powered by a set of AAA batteries, of which 2 are required to run the box, and a 3rd slot seems to be unused.

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