Thursday, 4 September 2014

Casio Futurist LA-2001

I'm off to the annual NuMusic festival tonight, so wanted to choose something futuristic looking and so picked this watch from the Casio Futurist range.

The Futurist line is aimed at women, but I think they have a lot of good unisex designs. All of the watches have a retro futuristic feel and were designed to give you something fashionable to have on your wrist.

This watch is the LA-2001 and is a square watch with a round inverse LCD in the middle. The edge of the case is in brushed steel which extends to where the black resin strap connects (part number 712 FJ1 19).

The LCD is a little mixed up compared to normal designs. The information is on 3 lines with the top line covering hours, the middle line has seconds and day & date, while the bottom has minutes. The LCD uses custom digits with 13 segments the usual 6 plus one for every joint), while the day and date are a dot matrix array.

Inside is the 2999 module which powers the different modes. The watch has world time, stopwatch, timer, and alarms (x4). Night use is covered by an el-backlight which lights the digits only.

The module has a start date of 2004 and Amazon says it wad first listed there in 2006 which both imply this was a mid 2000s design. The full model number of this variation is LA-2001-6ADF

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