Saturday, 13 September 2014

Casio G-Shock Foxfire DW-8195 Crazy Gangsters

I like the old G-Shocks from the early lines, especially the 90s models which seem to be quite common in my collection.

Today's watch is another 90s model and this time one of the Foxfire models. The Foxfire models seem to be a Japan only version where the Foxfire text replaces the Illuminator text on the watch face. According to MyGShock, the Foxfire name may come from the fact that Foxfire is a term for the bioluminescence from a certain fungi, and this even featured in a Mark Twain novel.

This model is a special edition with the number DW-8195 and was one of 9 watches under the Crazy Gangsters (or Crazy Gang Stars) name. They were a 90s G-Shock series and were released in June 1995 with an original sale price of ¥15,000. All of the models have a different picture which has a military theme, and this is the purple model with a helmet, wings, and a sword design in the backlight. It has a fabric strap with leather back, and on the part of the case where the strap connects is a metal plate with the word Gangsters imprinted on it. This models specific model number is DW-8195-1A6.

The watch is powered by a 1430 module and has a rectangular LCD with 3 sections. The bottom of the display has the 6 digits of the time, and across the middle are 5 LCD blocks which fill and empty with the seconds. The top of the display has a dot matrix array with quite large blocks. By default, the dot matrix array shows the day and date, but when the light is activated by the button on the front, the dot matrix shows 1 of 7 phrases (or 8 if you include the G symbol). The phrases are slang sayings and are: Hang, Party!, Do it!, 'S up?, Cool!, MEGA, and RAVE!.

Mode-wise, the watch isn't too loaded, only having stopwatch, timer, and alarm modes.

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