Saturday, 6 September 2014

Nooka Zot Gold

I wanted to wear a flashy and noticeable watch today, and I found a Nooka to fit that requirement.

Today's Nooka is shiny! I've posted on of the gold Zirc watches too and both of these have a super shiny reflective gold face making them catch the light like crazy.

This model is one of the Zot watches and was likely part of the V-Series rather than the more common Zub design. I've seen the watch referred to as a Zot-V on some sites. In this one, the watch has a square face with rounded corners and a separate gold leather strap.

The Zot design uses dots for the hours with three rows of four dots. Below are the minutes which are shown as a bar which fills as the hour progresses. At the bottom is the seconds display (in normal digits) and other markers (am, pm, and alarm). The Zot has time and date display options, as well as an alarm and stopwatch. There is also an el-backlight for illuminating the LCD sections.

The V-Series watches are among the smarter designs for the Nookas and tend to be a little more expensive (rrp around $225-275). The watch was released around 2009, but the gold version is not available anymore.

The Nooka brand was started in 2005 by Matthew Waldman. They make many different models of interesting looking and fashionable watches, and have done many collaborations (a lot of which are  limited edition) with all manner of products, events, and artists. They currently have an Indiegogo campaign running for a new limited edition chronograph watch, so if you fancy getting in at the start of a new design of Nooka, I'd suggest you check it out.

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