Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Azeka - Design by Tatuya Ishii

A very simple, but quite unusual watch again today.

Based on the information on the back, the watch is by Azeka. From what I can find, Azeka is a French trading company specialising in watches, and based the the French watch capital Besançon. Not much is available on the brand itself but as the Azeka website (Azeka.com) now shows information on the Réparalux brand, I guess they were either a subbrand or were taken over by Réparalux. Réparalux was founded in 1956 by Marcel Humbert-Droz and is a family business, also based in Besançon.
The watch design is by Tatuya Ishii who is a Japanese musician and artist/industrial designer in his 50s who also does character design and stage shows. He is also known as Tatsuya Ishii, and was the singer in the band Kome Kome Club, before becoming a solo artist and has now released 12 solo albums.

His design is very simple, with a small wing for the hour hand and a wavy line and spiral for the minutes. The face is also textured with dots and wavy lines, and one of the posts holding the spring bar for the strap is also modified.

The watch part is a general 2-hand dial with crown at the 4 o'clock position. The movement is such that the minute hand moves in steps every minute rather than the more usual smooth motion.

I don't know when the watch was produced, but I'd guess sometime in the 2000s.

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  1. Hi! I'm a huge fan of Tatsuya Ishii and I guess it was produced in 2007 (maybe as part of releasing of album SUNDIAL). Could you tell me how to buy that watch? Thanks! =)