Monday, 7 January 2013

Black Berry large LCD watch

This watch was another of my very random buys, and hence I am don't know much about it.

I found it while wandering around a Japanese flea-market while on holiday to Tokyo one year. It caught my eye because of the huge size (and low cost), but it is not by a known brand name.

The watch is by/called Black Berry judging by the name on the front. The back doesn't help as it only says that the back panel is stainless steel. It has nothing to do with the BlackBerry phone company, and this watches name is written as two words.

The display is a large inverse dot matrix LCD panel, with each character being 7 pixels wide and 8 tall. The seconds digits are smaller, but are just made from smaller pixels! Time is shown over three rows, with a painted line between the hours and minutes. Along the left side of the watch are painted a list of days, with a marker behind showing which day it is.

As well as the time, it has alarm and chronograph modes, and there is a very bright electroluminescent back-light.

I bought it around 2005, so I'd guess that it was made a year or two earlier.

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