Saturday, 5 January 2013

Ingersoll Triumph Pocket Watch

I didn't actually wear a watch today, but had the time in my pocket instead. But instead of using my mobile (as lots of people use as an excuse for not using watches), I decided on a pocket watch.

Today's pocket watch is from the 1950s. It was made by the British watch maker Ingersoll. The brand started in 1982 in America, but the London based arm of the business was spun off into Ingersoll Ltd in 1922. From 1946 until 1969, the watches were made under a joint venture called the Anglo-Celtic Company Ltd.

This model appears to be an Ingersoll Triumph pocket watch, but doesn't have the Triumph name on the face (-it has the same design as other Triumph model photos, and most of the watches between '46 and '69 were under the Ingersoll Triumph name).

The watch has a two hand dial with separate seconds dial at the 6 o'clock position. Turning the crown winds the watch, and to set the time, you need to push in (and hold) the crown while turning it. Inside the watch there is an adjustment lever to change the speed if it is running fast or slow. It is quite a loud mechanism, and the second hand moves twice per second. There is no model number, but inside the back a number 69 is etched.


  1. The pocket watch looks simple yet very elegant. Shinny and classic.

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