Thursday, 24 January 2013

Casio Wrist Camera WQV-2

It's back to the camera watches again today.

Casio first started their camera watch range in 2000 with a model called the WQV-1 (which can be found in an earlier post). Today's watch is the WQV-2, which was out around 2000/01.

The WQV-2 is extremely similar to the original, but with a different case design. It has a rounder design, a rubber strap, and came out in bright colours (like the yellow of today's model). The watch uses the same 2220 module, and also has a dot matrix LCD display of the same resolution. The screen normally shows time and date (set in pixels which are the equivalent of a 28x28 grid). It has a host of features including 5 alarms, stopwatch, and timer.

The camera takes black and white stills, and uses the screen as an electronic viewfinder. The camera has a few modes which allows the contrast to be set, and work with indoor or outdoor lighting.

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