Thursday, 10 January 2013

Generation LaserWatch

I was meant to be in several meetings at work today, so today's watch's special feature could have been useful.

I found the watch as a cheap purchase on Ebay, and was attracted by the laser!

The watch is by Generation I think - it is the one word that is shown to be a registered name. It is called the LaserWatch and this is due to the fact it has a built in laser!! Not a James Bond style high power laser for cutting your way to safety, but a laser pointer.

The watch looks generally normal (and a little like a G-Shock), but has an attachment on the left side which looks a little like a bomb. The attachment has 008 laser printed on it and is the home of the laser. The pointer is pretty bright, and has 5 shape options; a dot, a butterfly, a hand shaped in a victory V, a bull's head, and a star, which is selected by turning the wheel at the front of the pointer. The laser is operated by the button on the front (which is marked 'open' for some strange reason), and is integrated into the watch's circuit board.

For the watch part, it is a normal 3.5-digit LCD display, but has a large panel filling the centre of the face. The printing on the front states this watch is multi function, but it only has time, date, and seconds (so I guess the laser must count).

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