Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Citizen Independent World Time Ana-Digi Grey U021

Yesterday, it was a Citizen Independent 1481010, and today it's just a Citizen Independent. Actually, this design (but not this version) was my first of the 'new' Citizen Independent range that have been issued since around 2007 (-about 10 years after the original Independent 1481010 collection came out).

The aim with the Citizen Independent range has been to release quality watches in fashionable designs to appeal to young fashion conscious shoppers. There have been many different designs released in the Citizen Independent range (old and new), and lots can be found in this blog (and have the 'Independent' tag which can be reached through the link in the bottom right of the website).

This particular model is a square ana-digi design using a Japanese U021 module (but cased in China). It has a standard 3-hand dial, adjusted with the watch crown, and a round inverse LCD panel as the watch face. The LCD display has the time in the top half of the circle, and additional information (such as time zone, and active mode) in the bottom half. The watch buttons have been set at 45 degrees to the square of the case. The bottom left button controls the time zone which cycles through the options, changing the LCD display (but not the dial). The top left button is for mode selection, and runs through date, two alarms, chronograph, and timer features. The third button is for either watch setting or start/stop of the stopwatch and timer.

This particular watch was made in 2008 making it one of the earlier Citizen Independent watches.

The full model number is U021-002782-02, and has a ITX21 catalogue number category.

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