Saturday, 19 January 2013

Trafalgar Talking Watch

Today's watch is a first - it was the first British talking watch, and was just pipped to being the first talking watch by Palerma.

Unfortunately, my watch has lost it's voice (which I think is due to some loose connections for the power).

The watch is a the Trafalgar Talking Watch which was released in 1981 (there was also an improved model in 1983 but this had slide switches under the display). Trafalgar are a bit of a mystery company, as I know they were an English company, but have difficulty finding anything more.

This watch has a 6 digit LCD display, with indicators for alarm, chime, and day of the week. The main feature is that the watch will speak the time when you press the front button. The other feature is an alarm. It uses 4 x 393 (AG5) batteries which are accessed by a small plastic cover on the back.

These can have large collectors value as an improved model sold at Sotherbys for £813 (after a valuation of £80-120).

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  1. i have got one just like this one and it still works