Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Casio Art Casual PTM-10 - Blue Dino

It's time for a bit of colour today with a watch from Casio.

The watch is called the Art Casual. It has a tag line of Everytime Everywhere which I guess was to suggest that you could use it for all occasions. All of the range featured full colour designs on the face and strap, and remind me of the basic Swatch watches (plastic construction, rubber strap, similar size, lots of colourful design).

The watch itself has a model number of PTM-10, with this colour variant being PTM-10-3E1. It is a simple 3-hand dial run by a 381 quartz movement.

The picture on this model is not actually a dinosaur, but a mammal-like reptile called a Dimetrodon, and is the most famous prehistoric non-dinosaur. They lived in the early to mid Permian era, and were extinct 40 million years before the Jurassic era dinosaurs. They were a large predator with a large sail on their back. They had two rows of teeth (which is associated with their name), and they grew to between 1.7 and 3.7m long. The watch features one on the dial with its tail stretching down the strap. The strap features two more Dimetrodon and a jungle/swamp scene.

Not much else is known about the Art Casual range, but I have a few guesses. Looking at the design and colours, I'd guess that these are from the 80s (maybe 90s), and there are no real references to the watch online that aren't in Japanese, so I'd guess that this was a Japan (or Far East) release only.

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