Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Spy Gear - Spy Truth Detector

I'm often attracted to gadget watches - ones which have some other feature apart from time, such as temperature, compass, etc. Today's watch has a unique extra function that I can safely say I've never seen in a watch before.

The watch is part of a range of toys called Spy Gear which I think was released by an American company called Wild Planet Toys.

It has a dot matrix LCD display which comprises of 3 lines of 7 sections, each being a matrix of 5x5 dots. It normally shows location (time zone) and seconds on the top row, time in the middle (4 digits), and date on the bottom. It has a world time feature which allows you to quickly cycle through the time zones, but no other normal watch features.

The unusual part is the 2 spy features. The first feature is a Secret Decode option where one of three codes can be chosen to be decoded. It is a simple letter substitution code where the letters are bulk shifted to start at a different point.

The second feature is the most unique - a lie detector. The front top of the watch has two metal electrodes and places to put your fingers, and these are used to measure the electrical resistance. The theory is the same as most lie detectors in that when you lie, you sweat more, reducing the resistance and so you can tell whether a lie is being told by measuring it. When the mode is active, bars full from left to right, and the more bars, the more likely it is that they are lying!

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