Saturday, 12 January 2013

Citron Quartz T493T

Today's watch is a quartz watch by Citron and has a really retro look about it!

The Citron International brand is part of the Henderson Group of companies. The group was established in 1976 and has a reputation for value and quality items, and includes brands such as Philip Mercier and pod as well as Citron International. The Citron brand is a range of watches which are meant to be constantly updated to capture the latest from the watch world.

The watch is a quartz powered 3-hand dial watch. The module is a standard Japanese movement. Design-wise it has a very angular shape, and is very similar to André Le Marquand's design for the Catena Spacesonic. The back is a bit tricky, as it looks like a screw back, but actually just pops off (which meant I scratched it a bit until I worked it out).

It has a model number of T493T, but I don't know when this model was released.

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