Monday, 21 January 2013

Storm Digi Red

Back to the Storm watches today (although with blue skies and sunshine, Storm doesn't feel quite right).

The Storm brand has been around since 1989, and this London based company is the only recognised British fashion watch company.

The watch is called the Storm Digi (not to be confused with the Digi-ROM that I blogged last year). If features a one piece rubber strap with a mirrored LCD face, and the Storm name moulded into the rubber. The strap fastens with a metal clasp, but without much adjustment, so you need to cut the strap to the right length (so be careful if you are buying one second hand).

The display is such that normally it appears blank (just a plain mirrored face), and only when the button is pressed does the time appear in a backlit dot matrix style arrangement (-it's not a true dot matrix and can't display characters other than the time). The time is displayed on 2 lines, and is set up for only 4 digits (but only 12 hour clock). Pressing the metal button only reveals the time, and nothing more, so the module appears basic until you spot the other two hidden buttons. Below the metal button, you can see two small circles in the rubber. The top one of these is a mode button which switches between time, date, and seconds display. The bottom button is just for time setting. Both buttons are quite hard to press and need either enough of a fingernail or a pointed object to press.

The back has the watch name and two numbers which are the serial number, and a model number of TC.JU11. Online stores also show this with a model number of 47078/R. It has an RRP of £49.99, and although it isn't on the Storm site anymore, it can still be picked up at some online retailers.

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