Thursday, 17 January 2013

Special Blog Birthday Treat - More Robot watches

Hello readers!
As you may have noticed, it is the first anniversary of my blog today, so as well as posting a special robot watch as today's entry, I've got an extra treat - a full history of the Tokima robot watches which can be found from the links on the top right (if you are visiting from a web browser rather than mobile version), or directly from this link

Also, as I'm slightly erratic at the time of day I post, you can now also follow when I've blogged by various means:
1) Follow me on blogger (using the "Join this site" button on the left)

2) Check out my Twitter @Jollyaard

3) Subscribe to my RSS feed using the button to the left, or by adding to your rss reader (such as Google Reader or you can add it to Google Currents if you're using that app too)

Hope you are liking the blog, and please get in touch if you have comments, question, or just want to chat about the watches. It's always nice to get feedback and suggestions so I know that I'm providing you all with interesting and informative stuff!! :-D

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