Thursday, 3 January 2013

Retro Citizen Ana-Digi CQ model 41-8099

It seems like I'm starting 2013 on a bit of a Citizen theme. I do have a lot of Citizen watches in my collection, but when it comes to the really early LCD watches, I haven't blogged too many early Citizens apart from the ana-digi temp watches (-a lot more are Casio or Seiko).

This one is a late 70s or early 80s ana-digi model with an unusual curved body. Looking at others with the same module, it was probably released in 1980. I think the look is unusual, as the body is curved, but wider at the top than bottom (-the widest point is across the centre of the dial).

You can tell it's an early model as the normal numbering system isn't present. Apart from the serial number, there are two numbers on the back: 4-099478, and 41-8099. It appears that the 41-8099 is the model number, but the module number isn't shown. The module number itself is on the bottom of the dial (in very very small writing), and is a 8920 module. The full number is 8920-094481-Y. There is also the code 505-3383 below the LCD display.

The strap is original, and has a part number of 2901T.

Mode-wise, the watch has dual time, alarm, timer, and chronograph, and the mode is set by pressing in the crown as a button. The crown is also used to set both the analogue and digital time (-half out for digital, and fully out for analogue). It is a high-tech watch for it's age, and so I guess it would have been expensive at the time (in 1983, watches with the similar 8950 module were 25-30,000 yen).

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  1. Great watch . I have just bought one that is not running , I seriously hope I can get it to run . Great to see one a working one. I am also a massive collector!