Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Seiko 5 Automatic 6119 movement

My watch today is one that I inherited rather than purchased, and originally was owned by my father.

It is a Seiko 5 Automatic watch, and was made in 1968.

The Seiko 5 range was where Seiko released it's affordable mechanical watches. The range had a much lower cost than the other mechanical ranges, but the watches were still good quality. Most of the Seiko 5 range were mechanical watches, but there seems to have been some quartz watches too. The 5 in Seiko 5 stands for the 5 key common features (of the mechanical watches) which are:
1 - Diaflex unbreakable mainspring
2 - Diashock shock resistance system
3 - Automatic movement
4 - Day/date
5 - Water Resistant

This watch has a 6119 movement which is running a 3-hand dial with day and date at the 3 o'clock position. The crown is placed 30 degrees down from horizontal (at the 4 o'clock position). Setting the date is a little unusual, as you have to press in the crown to advance (rather than pulling out the crown a half step). It is an automatic mechanical watch, which runs well from a days use. The second hand is quite smooth, with 4 steps per second, but doesn't have a continuous sweep.

The full model number is 6119-7080.


  1. Wow, I didn't know Seiko made such nice watches back in the day. This is a cool one.

  2. Your watch is indeed worth to keep. Not only because you inherited that from your father but because it comes from a good brand, Seiko. Nowadays, Skagen watches are nice must-haves too. You might want to check them out soon.

  3. I have a 6119-6000 love it