Friday, 18 January 2013

Rado Quartz Dial Watch

After yesterday's slightly excessive watch, it's back to a normal sensible watch today.

The watch is by Rado, and is (currently) my the only Rado watch in my collection. The Rado company (full name Rado Uhren AS) originates from Switzerland, and the name first appeared in 1956. The company can trace its roots back to 1917, but was named Schlup & Co Clockwork Factory (after the brothers who founded it). Nowadays, the Rado brand is most known for it's highly scratch resistant ceramic watches.

This model appears to be a relatively early quartz watch by the company, and is a glass and steel construction.

It has a 3-hand dial and features a date at the 3 o'clock position. The dial is almost square, but as the corners are missing, it is actually an octagonal design. The face has dots for the hour markers except for 6 and 12 which feature roman numerals. The strap is stainless, with a very fine and strong structure.

It has a reference number of 107.9620.2, but that can't be found on the Rado site anymore. So I'm afraid I don't know when it came from (-my guess would be 80s), so please comment if you know something!

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  1. Hey Jollyaard!

    Just a quick question! Do you know what the pulse logo at the bottom of the watch means?

    Regards Theodor