Monday, 14 January 2013

Citizen Independent Letterbox Dial

A lot of watches I have give me trouble when I try to blog as they have no model name, and sometimes have common modules. So like with today's watch, I have to make up some description based on what I think it looks like (although some sites refer to it being called Spy) .

This watch is one of the Citizen Independent range (maybe Independent Girl) and came out over the last couple of years. The Citizen Independent range came out in the late 90s to provide modern fashionable watches aimed at young adults.

In this watch, over the dial is a cover allowing you to only see a portion of the hands through a rectangular window (like peering through a letterbox). The window is narrow enough that you can only see the 3 o'clock marker and the Independent name at the 9 o'clock position. The Independent name is etched into the shiny black cover which can be lifted to reveal the whole face. When the full face is revealed, you can see it is a 3-hand dial. It is powered by a Japanese quartz 1032 module which is meant to be accurate to 20 sec/month. The plated stainless steel case is made in China. The strap is a 12mm calf leather band with buckle.

On the back of the lid there is a very intricate etching of a compass face (that I'd not actually noticed until I was examining the watch for blogging).

The full model number is 1032-003324-01, and catalogue number is BB1-040-50. It was released in Japan on 24th April 2011.

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