Wednesday, 9 January 2013

S'Squre Multicoloured Segment Watch

Today it's a more colourful watch than I've blogged recently. It is another one that I bought while in Tokyo, and over there, this brand of watch can be found in many toy and accessories shops.

The watch is by S'Squre (sometimes written as S-Squre or SSqure). They are a watch manufacturer based in Guangdong, China. It seems from my research that they usually use Citizen quartz movements (and the back confirms that this watch has a Japanese movement at least).

Overall, the watch is 3-hand dial design with a round face and metal body and strap. The hands (or more correctly discs) are opaque and concentric and have a window which the face can be seen. The watch face is split into coloured segments between each hour (similar to the Chromachron watch). Each disc's window is wide enough for two segments (1/6 of the circle), and has a line down the middle to point to the time (except for the seconds as that'd be a bit small).

The watch has a model number on the back which shows 48676G. The back also states that this watch is 1atm water resistant

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