Saturday, 26 January 2013

Timex SSQ Rounded LCD watch

Today is my second post of an old Timex range called SSQ.

The SSQ watch range started in the late 70s, with the name referring the module - Solid State Quartz. I've seen a booklet from 1975 in the Digital Watch Library website which features this exact watch. The manual states that the watch can withstand 50 lbs p.s.i.a. water pressure (equal to 80 feet water depth). It also says that it uses a quartz crystal vibrating 32,768 times per second, and that there are over 2000 transistors on it's silicon chip. The fact that this model was in the 1975 booklet, it suggests that this was one of the earliest SSQs that came out.

It has a basic LCD module with time, date, and seconds, selected with the button on the right. Time setting is done by the inset button on the other side.

This one has no model number on the back of the watch, but states this takes a Timex 1500A cell (which is the equivalent of an AG13).

Inside the watch, it states that it was made in France.

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