Friday, 25 January 2013

Thunderbird 2 Watch

Today I'm covering a watch that is part of a series I began covering last October.

The watch is another of the Thunderbirds watches by Jasrac and/or Shinsha Organization. It features one of the International Rescue organisation's spaceships/aircraft, and is designated Thunderbird 2. Thunderbirds was a puppet series that started in 1965 and followed the International Rescue's missions to help those in danger. The Thunderbird 2 was the largest vehicle and was used as a transport vehicle (including moving Thunderbird 4).

The watch part is a basic LCD which is revealed as the vehicle is lifted. It shows 4 digits and has time, date, and seconds. It was released in 1998, and is not linked to any particular movie or series release.

It has a copyright from ITC which is the Incorporated Television Corporation. They were the company that commissioned the show, and the watch is also licenced to Polygram Licensing International.

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